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    We are now offering weed control and fertilization services for Dacula, Auburn, Winder, Hoschton, Braselton and Buford.  Josh has a master’s degree in Plant Protection and Pest Management from the University of Georgia and has spent over a decade working in agricultural research and sales.  His background in research was around forages (grass species grown to feed farm animals) and his sales background was with Dow AgroSciences.  For much of his sales career with Dow Agrosciences, he covered four states focused on the Range and Pasture herbicide products Dow offered. He spent much of his time travelling the southeast educating producers on how to control weeds, calibrate spray equipment and how to identify the weeds they had in their pastures.

    These products are very similar to what is used in turfgrass weed control and often have the same active ingredients.  This skillset and knowledge base has led Josh to create this service offering for Georgia Lawn and Landscape LLC.  Weed control is something he is very passionate about and what he has studied and spent much of his career doing or educating others on the process.  Now he is bringing this experience and expertise to his landscape business to help his customers.

    Our Program

    Our program is a well-balanced approach that has the aim of keeping a lawn weed free and promoting healthy dark green turf that is easy to maintain.  It consists of eight applications evenly spaced throughout the season. 

    The foundation for any solid weed control program is a good pre-emergence herbicide plan.  Our program has four specially timed applications in the early spring and fall specifically tailored to prevent weeds before they are a problem. 

    Pre-emergent herbicides create a barrier in the top layer of the soil that kills weed seeds when they germinate, thus preventing them from coming up in the lawn.  Preventing weeds from ever becoming a problem is our goal, but 100% control is often hard to achieve.  Pre-emergent herbicides work extremely well but aren’t bulletproof.  They do begin to break down in the soil over time and can rapidly degrade with excess rainfall.  Therefore, we have post-emergence herbicides we will use during the spring and fall to target what the pre-emergence herbicides miss.

    During the late spring and summer months or focus shifts to grass health and promoting growth.  During this time, we will make three fertilization applications focused on just that.  We utilize a premium slow-release fertilizer that will feed the turfgrass slowly and prevent rapid bursts of growth that often occur with cheaper fertilizers with high levels of nitrogen.  This slow-release fertilizer enables the homeowner or lawn care provider an easier time keeping up with the growth of the grass. 

    Our goal isn’t to make your lawn hard to maintain by producing tons of excess growth, it is to keep it green and looking good all season long without you having to mow it twice per week to keep it at the desired height.  Our final step in the process is focused on improving the health of your soil and increasing the soil’s pH level.  Your turfgrass will only be as healthy as the soil that it is growing in, so our aim with the final application of the season is to build your soil’s health thus creating a stronger and healthier turfgrass.  We are convinced that with this program, your lawn will look better than ever and be the envy of the neighborhood! 


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    What We Do

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    We create an 8 step program specifically tailored to your lawn. Our goal is to turn your lawn into the envy of the neighborhood.


    Our fertilizers are of the highest quality and are guaranteed to fuel your lawn’s healthy growth. Green, healthy grass is our top priority.

    Weed Control

    Our weed control applications prevent weeds from growing and kills visible weeds. Say goodbye to weeds in your lawn for good with our lawn care program!


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