Lawn Maintenance

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    Our lawn maintenance service is the perfect way to keep your lawn looking amazing year round. We offer year-round contracts and pay per cut plans. Each service will include mowing all grass, trimming around entire property, edging all beds/sidewalks, and blowing off all driveways/walkways.

    We have top of the line commercial equipment that is sure to make your lawn look amazing. Our crews are efficient, show up on time, and aimed to meet your expectations. 

    Yearly Contracts

    Yearly contract are the recommended way to ensure your lawn looks its best and to ensure availability. Your lawn will be maintained the same day every week. You are also able to bundle bush trimming, mulch/pinestraw, and other services into your package. 

    This is the most cost effect wait to have your lawn maintained. Not only will you receive a discount on your lawn maintenance but any other services we provide for you will be discounted as well.

    Pay Per Cut 

    This is for the person that may need a lawn clean up, will be out of town a couple weeks, or just prefers to pay per visit. This can also be a good way to gain your trust. Let us do a few pay per cut services before you sign a year long contract!

    What We Do


    We sharpen blades daily to ensure a superior cut and have top of the line mowers to get the job done efficiently.


    We use metal edgers on sidewalks and driveways to really articulate your lawn and drastically increase curb appeal.

    Blow Away Debris

    We finish by blowing off all driveways, walkways, patios, etc. to leave your property looking better than when we got there.


    Josh and his team work hard to provide a professional service at a comparable rate.

    Amy E.


    Very professional plus arrive on time and doing a great job. Excellent value for the price!!

    John W.


    Georgia Lawn and Landscape manages the lawn care at the complex where I work and they do an amazing job.

    Terri S.


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